Everyone poops!

I have been having a great time travelling around Ottawa visiting classrooms and community groups this month and I have noticed something...someone always laughs when I poop!! To be honest, I didn’t really think much about my poop, it does happen about every 30 mins or so. I have never seen a human poop but from my understanding, you guys only do it about once a day and in a special room. Now that is strange. Well, every observation is a great introduction to a teaching opportunity and if the group we are talking to notices my poop, Patty jumps right in telling everyone all about bird poop biology. Have you ever looked at bird poop? Well, the white part is actually equivalent to pee and the rest of the colour (which varies depending on what the bird eats) is poop! It all comes out at the same time, how efficient. This fact seems to really stick with the children and after we finish the presentation they often come up just to inspect my poop...how embarrassing. There is one great thing about bird poop, it doesn’t often smell too bad, except for those fish-eating birds, ew, fishy. Now, humans, that's a completely different smelly story!

** Note this is Dove poop...I do not eat seeds.

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