Back on the road again!

I’m back on the road again visiting schools and community groups!

This past week I was at Holy Name of Mary Catholic School in Almonte. The students were so excited to see me and hear all the cool stuff Patty had to teach us! We even got to stay a little longer than usual to help everyone with their Owl Pellet Dissection.  We got a couple “ewww, you want me to touch that?” but the enthusiasm of others, including one student who yelled “this is the best day of life!” quickly convinced the most squeamish to try the activity. Soon the room was filled with lots of “Cool! Look what I found! I think its a skull! It's totally a skull!!!!” I bet Owls would think it is hilarious how much children enjoy picking apart their coughed up meal leftovers.

My favourite question this week came from a Cub group in Barrhaven, how do I sleep? Well, Patty told them generally I sleep standing up, (the kids were so impressed with my balance skills) then Patty told them I often sleep only standing on one leg, (now you are impressed to right?) and to top it all off Patty told them I often sleep with my head tucked between my shoulder blades! It’s super comfy and I breath warm air under my feathers.  I would suggest you try it but your human neck does not let you turn your head all the way around like me… to bad.

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